Statistics of Nagasaki Prefecture




【Table1】 Main Economic Indices of Nagasaki Prefecture[Excelファイル/16KB] 【Table2】 A Population and Households by city or town[Excelファイル/107KB] 【Table3】 Cash Earnings of Regular employees by industries[Excelファイル/37KB] 【Table4】Hours Worked and Days Worked of Regular employees by industries[Excelファイル/34KB] 【Table5】Estimated Regular Employment by industries[Excelファイル/33KB] 【Table6-1】Nominal Wage Indices of Regular employees by industries (Total Cash Earnings),【6-2】Hours worked, Employment indices[Excelファイル/42KB] 【Table7】Indices of Industrial Production( seasonally adjusted Index )[Excelファイル/41KB] 【Table8】Production and Value of Pottery and Porcelain[Excelファイル/14KB] 【Table9】 New dwelling construction started(by usage)[Excelファイル/14KB] 【Table10】Departmentstores and supermarkets sales value by goods[Excelファイル/37KB] 【Table11】Exports and Imports by port[Excelファイル/17KB] 【Table12】 Bankruptcies[Excelファイル/16KB] 【Table13】Balance of Deposits and Loans by Financial Institution[Excelファイル/19KB] 【Table14】Consumer Price Index(Nagasaki City)[Excelファイル/15KB] 【Table15】Monthly Receipts per Worker’s Households(Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’s Households included) (Nagasaki City)[Excelファイル/38KB] 【Table16】Monthly Disbursements per Worker’s Households(Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’s Households included) (Nagasaki City)[Excelファイル/40KB] 【Table17】 Value of Production and Order receipt[Excelファイル/13KB] 【Table18】 Visitors to Tourist Facilities[Excelファイル/21KB]

Notes for users

  1. Values in these tables are basically rounded,accordingly totals and sum of each values may not match.
  2. Values in these tables may include preliminary report.
  3. Abbreviations used in these tables are as follows.
  4. “0” less than 1 unit after rounding

    “-” no results recorded
    “…” results are unknown
    “r” data is confirmed
    “x” data is confidential
    “p” data from preliminary report
    “△” negative number or decreasing


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